Meet the Music Perception Team

The Music Perception team is lead by Kate Gfeller, PhD.

Kate Gfeller is director of graduate studies in the Music Therapy Program in the School of Music, and holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She holds the Russell B. and Florence D. Day Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Her research focuses on perception of and affective response to music, more specifically in persons with disabilities. Dr. Gfeller is a principal investigator for the Music Perception Project on the Iowa Cochlear Implant Team. In that role, she researches musical perception and enjoyment by adults and children who use cochlear implants

John Knutson, PhD is a professor in the Department of Psychology. He has primary oversight for those measures of pattern perception. He has been a co-author with Dr Gfeller on a number of papers regarding music perception and appraisal, and he has collaborated on the development of the test measures and training protocol.

Virginia Driscoll (Ginny) is a board-certified music therapist and the head research assistant on the Music Perception Team. Virginia completed her MA in Music Therapy at the University of Iowa while working as a graduate research assistant with the Music Perception Project on the Iowa Cochlear Implant Team. She is responsible for many aspects of the music project and is interested in exploring the processing and understanding of degraded auditory signals and rehabilitation for adults and children who use cochlear implants.


Select graduate students in the Music Therapy program at the University of Iowa have the opportunity to be a part of the Music Perception Team. These students are involved with patient testing, data entry, creation of new protocol, and manuscript preparation.


News from the Music Perception Team

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The Adult Training study is now recruiting participants.
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A new study is now complete! If you are between 18-25 years of age, have a cochlear implant and would like to participate or would like more information, please contact us with subject line "Adolescent Study."
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